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Our Mission



World Class Education

Our mission is to provide access to quality education in Africa, particularly in Nigeria. Companies worldwide want graduates who come to the workplace already functional in a number of areas – having a global perspective on issues, ability to use common softwares for work, ability to communicate using modern technology, and having advanced writing skills. Our students hone these skills daily. The promise we make to our students is that the quality of our programs is comparable to the best, anywhere in the world!

Student Support Services

Helping students succeed is our number one priority. They are supported by a series of interrelated services such as student success coaching and on-demand tutoring. Instructors monitor each online class to ensure students are progressing through their courses and to offer encouragement. Each course is embedded with a virtual tutorial, a set of useful videos on how to navigate the online environment. Students have access to a 24/7 technical support line and email contact for assistance. Our goal is our students’ success.

Academic Rigour & Integrity

Our courses are built by teams of subject-matter experts, using engaging multimedia assets, and live tutoring support to enhance the learning environment, bringing each topic to life and promoting success at every step. The courses’ gated-progression model lets students work at their own pace, while ensuring that they meet rigorous benchmarks before moving on to the next topic or unit. Every learning outcome is tested via an integrated strategy of formative, performance-based and summative assessments designed to help students succeed.